4 Women who Inspire

At Yougi, we celebrate women all year round by creating 100% natural candles and bath products hair to help transform the mood and support emotional wellness.
On International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the inner and outer strength of women and sharing the spotlight with four female funders who connect to their life-callings and push the boundaries of their passions in an effort to protect the planet and make a difference.   
 Real strength goes beyond what you see on the surface of someone’s physical ability—it begins with what’s inside. Your experiences and attitude toward life define your inner strength. It’s the kindness, resourcefulness, and innate drive that make a woman powerful. This kind of strength can power a person's will to pursue what they believe in, such as caring for the planet and breaking taboo's
There was so many woman who inspire us but here are a few..

Fiona Toomey

Fiona felt really let down by the beauty industry after she had her first baby, there is a complete lack of realism, about how our bodies change during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, motherhood, right through to menopause. Why do so many women feel isolated, and embarrassed to talk about their bodies post-baby? Why is menopause hushed in society? We all go through it. Fiona started NESSA to do things differently, break the taboos, and celebrate all our bodies have done. 

Laura Tudor  

After working in the fashion industry for 10 years, Laura was burnt out after a few particularly stressful months and experienced first hand the physical effects of stress on her body when her hair had started to dramatically fall out. Laura started Certered hair care whose ingredients are there purely for the benefit of improving hair health. No SLS, Sulphates, or Silicones. Good for you and the planet. 

Ellie Besley-Gould 

The Greenish was set-up by Ellie in 2020. She worked in climate change for years before setting out to become greener herself and found conflicting information, worthy content, and a lot of ugly products.
The Greenish has been a place  to come for online accessible, simple ideas for greener living. 

Poppy Delbridge

Poppy is a coach and founder of House of Possibility and Rapid Tapping. She is on a mission to  empower and give women the emotional freedom to think bigger.
Can we get a 'hell yes' to that!