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How to Care for your Candle

How to Care for your Candle
How to Care for your Candle

Looking to make the most out of your candles? Here are our expert tips for keeping their scent strong and making them last longer!

As you can imagine, here at Yougi, we take candles pretty seriously. As well as only crafting the highest quality vegan wax candles, we’re also extremely passionate about what happens once we’re finished hand pouring them! 

Each and every one of ours is formulated using the power of aromatherapy at its core. Cruelty-free. No paraffin wax. No unnecessary chemicals. Just premium ingredients and a lot of time towards creating something that we know you’ll love. And with so much care in every jar, we want you to be able to enjoy their mood-boosting properties for as long as possible.

That’s why we’ve decided to share our tried and tested tips for caring for your candles. Not only will you get a longer burn time by following these steps, but they will enhance your candle’s scent so that you can truly embrace a more Yougi state of mind. 

Lighting your candle for a cleaner, longer burn

  • The initial burn of any soy wax candle is the most important. It can make or break how much you get to enjoy it going forward! To ensure that it doesn’t “tunnel”, don’t extinguish the flame until the whole of the top of your candle has melted. This can take 2-4 hours, but means less waste. 
  • Always set your candle on a steady surface that is level, to create an even burn. It will also encourage a cleaner burn.
  • Wicks should always be trimmed to about 5mm. This controls the size of the flame, meaning that the candle doesn’t burn unnecessarily quickly. 
  • When lighting your candles, keep them away from drafts or wind, which can encourage them to produce soot.

  Extinguishing your candle to keep them in great condition

  • If the flame on your candle is high or it begins to smoke, extinguish it with a snuffer. Then, simply allow your candle to cool before trimming the wick and re-lighting.
  • Yougi scented candles contain a host of naturally powerful essential oils chosen based on their aromatherapy benefits. To prolong their scent, try to keep them out of direct sunlight.

    Storing your candle for a powerful scent 

  • Store your candle in a cool, dry place to keep its wax in the best possible condition. 
  • Always cover your candles whilst storing – either with a lid or a piece of tissue/paper – to avoid dust gathering on the wax. Perhaps surprisingly, dust can have a huge impact on the strength of scent, meaning that your candle could become less powerful. 
  • Candles should not be left for extended periods of time before being burnt. Whilst Yougi soothing candles are created to last and give you an amazing scent for months to come, fragrance naturally fades if left for too long. 

By learning how to properly care for your candles, you’re guaranteed to get even more joy out of every burn. 


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