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Feng Shui for Beginners

Feng Shui for Beginners

Discovering the Five Elements


In the grand tapestry of feng shui, the five elements weave their energies into our surroundings. Earth, metal, water, wood, and fire dance together, offering unique qualities that can be harnessed through design and decor choices. These elements carry distinct colours, shapes, and symbolism, enabling you to enhance their presence within your home and life.





Embrace self-care and boundaries with earth's nurturing embrace. Think of warm hues like yellow, orange, and brown, along with sturdy square shapes and substantial objects. Consider adorning your space with a solid rectangular desk or a square yellow rug to invite the earth's grounding energy. 




The element of joy, beauty, and precision, metal resonates with white, grey, and metallic colours, as well as graceful circular shapes. Introduce metal into your surroundings through a round metallic planter or a captivating light fixture, infusing your space with its elegant essence.




Water embodies deep wisdom and connections to the world. Embrace its flowing energy with shades of black, dark blue, and undulating shapes. Invite water's tranquil presence into your home through a serene water fountain or artwork depicting watery imagery, allowing its wisdom to permeate your surroundings.




Symbolising growth, healing, and vitality, wood breathes life into our spaces. The verdant hues of green, blue, and teal, accompanied by tall columnar shapes, evoke the essence of wood. Welcome the wood element into your home with vibrant green houseplants, which not only enhance the aesthetic but also nurture your living environment.




Fire represents passion, inspiration, and visibility. It dances with fiery colours like red and bright orange, embodied by bold triangle shapes. Light, too, is intertwined with the fire element. Embrace its fiery energy through the warm glow of lamps, infusing your space with the radiance of passion and creativity.



Embracing the Commanding Position


The commanding position is a cornerstone of feng shui, empowering you to harness the energies of your surroundings. Within your home, ensure that your bed, desk, and stove are in positions of command, as they symbolises significant aspects of your life. Place them in locations where you can see the door without being directly aligned with it. This arrangement provides a subconscious sense of ease and awareness, granting you a clear view of potential opportunities and a heightened sense of security.


Nurturing Each Space


Every area within your home holds its own significance. Here are a few additional tips for decorating, keeping feng shui in mind:




The entryway, the gateway of energy, is your face to the world. Keep it clean and free of clutter, allowing the qi to flow freely. Ensure your front door is easily accessible and well-lit, welcoming abundance and positive energy into your life.


Living Room

Create a cosy and inviting space for gathering with loved ones. Arrange seating in a way that encourages connection, with chairs and sofas facing one another. Avoid positioning furniture with backs towards the entryway, fostering a harmonious flow of energy. We recommend burning the Peace or Manifest candle in the living room. 
Yougi Peace candle in a copper glass jar




To minimise downward and depleting energy, keep the bathroom door and toilet seat closed whenever possible. This practice helps preserve the flow of wealth and abundance associated with water in feng shui.




Your bedroom is a sacred space, reflecting your essence. Place your bed in the commanding position, offering a sense of security and awareness. Avoid using the space beneath your bed for storage, allowing the energy to flow freely. Consider adding an earth-coloured square rug beneath your bed to provide support and nourishment.




As the heart of nourishment, maintain cleanliness and order in your kitchen. Pay special attention to the refrigerator, ensuring it remains organised and free of expired items. Cultivate a space where you can nourish yourself physically and energetically.


Yougi candles in the kitchen


By embracing these feng shui principles, you embark on a journey of balance and harmony, creating spaces that nurture your soul and invite positive energy into your life. May the radiant glow of enlightenment guide you as you transform your surroundings into havens of tranquility and well-being.


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