Discover your Dosha

Discover your DoshaWe can often experience anxiety, tired or restlessness which can cause us to feel out of balance and unlike ourselves. Granted the past year we’ve had, we may be feeling imbalanced (mentally or physically or spiritually) a little more so than usual.

This balance and  all-round health can be restored by understanding your dosha. Dosha is all about balance and keeping things in proportion in order to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

The term ‘dosha’ originates from Ayurveda (translates to ‘the science of life’), one of the oldest healing sciences - dating back over 5,000 years ago - it combines physical, psychological and spiritual health. It’s practise in based in the world being made up of five elements: aakash (space or ether), jala (water), prithvi (earth), teja (fire) and vayu (air).


Doshas are broken down into three concepts, which are combinations of these elements. These are Vata Dosha (air and ether), Pitta Dosha (fire and water) and Kapha Dosha (water and earth). Vata is the energy of movement, creativity and flow, Pitta the energy of digestion, metabolism, intelligence and Kapha the energy of love, structure and lubrication. 

Everyone has a unique ratio of vata, pitta and kapha dosha unique to them, you usually have a primary, more prominent dosha which determines your personality and health.

         Which dosha are you? 

Once you know your dosha, you can begin to recognise the imbalances in your physical, mental and spiritual health and understand how to restore balance for better health and wellbeing. 

Take our quiz to find your dosha and discover how scent can help balance your dosha.

Yougi Essential Oils

Essential oils and scents can play an important part in rebalancing your dosha as they work to calm, soothe or uplift your mood. Learn more about which essential oils balance your dosha in our Quiz- Discover your dosha.