New Romantic Essential Oil
New Romantic Essential Oil

New Romantic Essential Oil

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Soften your mood with the New Romantic essential oil. This soothing floral is made of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. The aromatic mixture of rose geranium, palmarosa, and soothing chamomile to make the heart notes of the candle. Spicy sandalwood is mixed with rich cedarwood base notes and finished with a touch of bergamot to add a fresh top note. This is a soft heart-opening blend of 100% essential oil. 

Made in London from ethically sourced, sustainable origin essential oil. View the full New Romantic range here.  

Key Benefits:

  •  100% essential oils, soothes and lift your mood
  • Essential oils can be used in diffusers, candle making, and skincare

Volume: Available in 30ml and 50ml