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How to Make Soy Candles With Therapeutic Essential Oils

How to Make Soy Candles With Therapeutic Essential Oils

Our founder, Emily,  started Yougi from her kitchen, fuelled by the fact that she couldn’t find any fragrance products on the market that ticked all of her boxes. They were either filled with unnecessary chemicals and unnatural fragrance, weren’t high-quality enough or were hugely expensive! So she took matters into her own hands, crafting candles and other essential-oil based goodies that were great for the planet and great for the soul.

The brilliant thing about making your own candles is the level of control that you have. It means that you can truly create something that serves you in the ways you need it to, picking essential oil blends that allow you to reconnect with yourself and disconnect from daily distractions.

Just like Emily mastered the art of connected candle making in her kitchen, we want to put that power into your hands.

With the following guide,  one of our candle making kits - either with or without jars - you can hand-make a powerfully personal candle that we know you will adore.

How to make candles at home

  1. In a metal saucepan, slowly melt your wax on a low-medium heat. Continue to heat the wax until it reaches 90 degrees. We use soy wax flakes, so this shouldn’t take long at all!
  2. Carefully attach your wick sticker to the bottom of the inside of your jar, peeling off all pieces of paper so that both sides are adhesive.
  3. Take your wick and firmly secure its metal disc to the sticker at the bottom of your jar. Try your best to make sure that it is central - This will stop your candle from burning unevenly when it’s finished! 
  4. Thread the wick through the wooden stick provided in our kit and then lay the stick flat, so that is resting across the top of the jar and is keeping your wick central. Your jar is now ready for wax.
  5. Once your wax has cooled to around 60 degrees, you can add essential oils. They should make up 10% of your candle blend. So, with the 160g of wax provided in our kits, you should use about 16ml of essential oils. 

Mix this in using a metal spoon, stirring 10 times in one direction and 10 times in the other. This is the perfect time to add intention to your candle. For example, if you’re using our Soothe scent, you could set the intention of finding peace every time you light it.  

  1. Transfer your wax from your saucepan to a pouring jug, to give you more control. Then pour the wax into the candle jar. Make sure that your wick is still central once you’ve finished pouring.
  2.  Leave your wax to set for at least 2 hours, but preferably overnight.
  3. Once the wax has set, cut the wick 2cm above the wax. This will give you a nice, clean first burn.
  4.  Put a lid or seal on your candle and leave it for one week before burning. We know it’s torture, but it will help to make sure that the quality is as high as possible!


Once your candle is ready to burn, use it as a way to reconnect each and every day. Whether you light it before bed to tune into calm, or enjoy it before work to get you into a positive headspace, know that you have crafted a beautiful product with the intention of improving your mental state.


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