New Romantic Candle
New Romantic Candle
New Romantic Candle

New Romantic Candle

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 This floral blend is made of non-GMO soy wax and therapeutic-grade essential oils. The aromatic mixture of rose geranium is mixed with sensual palmarosa and soothing chamomile to make the heart notes of the candle. Spicy sandalwood is mixed with rich cedarwood base notes and finished with a touch of bergamot to add a fresh top note.

Did you know each candle contains 10% pure essential oils?

We create 100% natural fragrances from ethically sourced, sustainable origins. No petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax, no artificial perfume only pure essential oils, and no harsh preservatives. 

Key Benefits:

    • Made with soy wax for a clean burn
    • The natural fragrance, made with 100% essential oils to soothe, soften and excite the senses
    • Braided cotton wick for an even burn

Volume:  270g ( 60 hour burn time)

               170g ( 40 hour burn time)

                90g ( 20 hour burn time)