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How to Use Essential Oils in Summer: Bring the outdoors in

How to Use Essential Oils in Summer: Bring the outdoors in


Many of us often associate utilising the power of fragrance with the colder months. 


Be it autumn or winter, the snugglier seasons bring with them not only images of hot chocolates and fluffy socks, but of a candle burning in every room. In fact, it’s hard to imagine what Instagram would look like from October to February without about a million pictures of candles every single time you click on the app!


And, believe us, we’re huge fans of using scent as a way to embrace cosiness.


However, we also know that natural fragrance has the power to help you to reconnect and have a better day, no matter what time of year it is. That doesn’t always have to mean using candles. It obviously can (candles are for life, not just for Christmas!), but it can also mean utilising essential oils in their more raw forms, through diffusers, or in skincare. 

There are actually a whole host of benefits to understanding natural fragrance and how to harness it in summer, to make your long hot days even happier!

Using natural scent for hay fever 

Yougi essential oil blend

If there’s one thing that ruins the weather getting warmer, it’s hay fever! Watery eyes. Runny noses. Itchy faces. These aggravating symptoms are more than likely to put you in a low-vibration mood, no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

Essential oils including peppermint, lemon balm, tea tree and lavender are all powerful tools to help relieve your symptoms and leave you with a clear mind. 

We crafted our Detox scent as a way to awaken the senses and help you to achieve clarity. Formulated with a therapeutic-grade mix of peppermint, spearmint, bergamot, lemongrass, may chang, rosemary, and juniper berry essential oils, it’s the perfect scent to alleviate hay fever symptoms.

Keep a bottle of the Detox essential oil blend in your bag or close at hand throughout summer and simply hold the bottle close to the nose. Take a few deep breaths to feel its physical and emotional impacts. 

Using natural scent to keep mosquitos at bay

We think there’s little nicer than dining al fresco or simply enjoying the outdoors in summer!

However, we also don’t want any little friends ruining the party.

Mosquitoes are much more common in the summer months, meaning that if you want to embrace the sunshine, but are prone to bites, you’re going to need to find a trick to keep them as far away from you as possible! Again, natural fragrance can be your saviour.

Bergamot. Basil. Lemongrass. Eucalyptus.

All of these scents are brilliant when it comes to repelling mosquitos.

If you’re looking for a simple solution, try burning our Happy candle while outside. This uplifting mix will not only keep that summer mood at an all-time high, but will also keep unwanted visitors at bay! 

Bringing the outdoors in 

Yougi Happy Diffuser

The warm weather is a well-known mood booster. Higher levels of vitamin D and being out in the open more can work wonders for mental health. It should be embraced throughout summer wherever possible.

As a way to bring this brightness into your indoor spaces, utilise mood-boosting fragrances. We particularly love essential oils like orange, ylang-ylang and may chang for this reason. In our Happy room diffuser, they work alongside bergamot to soothe the soul and encourage positivity. 

That way, even if you’re stuck inside, you can enjoy that warm weather feeling. 

Whatever way you choose to utilise natural fragrance this summer, be sure to use the summer months as a way to reconnect with yourself. Get outside. Feel the grass under your toes. Breathe in the fresh air.


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