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Our Scent Stories

Scent stories


Our sense of smell is the most powerful one we have. Closely linked to memory and mood, what we smell has the ability to stir us, move us and immerse us in an instant.

Inspired by beautiful moments and adventures, Emily has created scents to transport the mind and transform emotions. Created using natural fragrances from 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and no synthetic ingredients. 

Each individual blend takes a minimum of three months to develop and perfect. Created using natural fragrances from 100% essential oils, each scent offers a mood-transforming sensory experience.



Our Soothe scent is inspired by the Cotswolds’ countryside retreats surrounded by rolling English lavender fields. 

The calming lavender pure essential oil is created by steam-distilling freshly picked flowers of the English lavender plant. This is blended with balancing geranium, clearing eucalyptus, refreshing bergamot and soothing clary sage essential oils to create the scent used in our Soothe Candle and Essential Oil.

The relaxing and aromatic Soothe blend is all-around soothing for your mind and body and the perfect scent for an indulgent spa experience at home.


Soothe essential oils

New Romantic 

New Romantic Scent Inspiration

The New Romantic blend is inspired by a trip to Jaipur in Northern India, where the floral notes of rose geranium used in bathing rituals and the smell of burning sandalwood are ever present aromas. 

Heart-opening palmarose essential oil mixes with geranium, comforting chamomile, earthy sandalwood and cedarwood to create a soft, sweet and woody scent that helps ground and relax.

Our soft rose-coloured label on the New Romantic collection is a nod to the balmy Jupier evenings when the whole city is cast in a warm pink glow as the sun sets.

Incorporate a New Romantic Candle or essential oil blend into the time you take for yourself to promote self love and reassurance. 

New Romantic Essential Oils




Happy Scent story


The inspiration for our Happy scent comes from summer adventures, days spent wandering through the orange groves of Sicily and evenings on the beach, paddling barefoot in the sea under the glow of the sunset as dusk turns to night. 

The sweet and aromatic mixture of bergamot, lemongrass, sweet orange and ylang-ylang blend to create an uplifting scent to boost your mood, encourage positivity and capture the mind.

Our Happy scent is an invitation for you to connect with your own summer memories, transporting your mind to your favourite Happy Place.

Happy Essential Oil Blend




Detox Essential Oil Scent story

Cool and captivating nights spent in the Himalayas while trekking Annapurna were the inspiration for our Detox scent. 


A blend of fresh peppermint essential oil, aromatic lemongrass, detoxifying rosemary, light may chang and bergamot create a scent that is reminiscent of the cool, fresh nights spent gazing at the stars over Nepal. 


Use our Detox Candle and Essential Oil in your morning routine to help to clear your mind, energise and give focus, preparing you for the day ahead. 

Detox scent story

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