The Art of Fragrance Layering


Your guide to pairing home fragrance for an instant shift in mood

You’ve probably heard of perfume layering when it comes to personal scent, but the same approach could bring a unique energy to your home too. Candle or incense, mist or diffuser, the merits of every home fragrance are different, making doubling up your mood-shifting shortcut. Here’s how to strike just the right balance…


Your guide to pairing home fragrance for an instant shift in mood


The beauty of fragrance layering in your home is that you can quickly change the feel of rooms to suit your mood by adding a new scent profile into the mix. Some scents can help awaken, whilst others help to soothe and calm. Here are our favourite home fragrance pairing for a mood shifting aroma. 


Our Happy Candle amongst our Detox Essential Oil is the perfect pairing for a deeply uplifting and invigorating scent. An aroma that is the perfect scent to awaken your senses in the morning and clear your mind for the day ahead. 


Our Soothe Candle amongst our New Romantic Diffuser creates a soothing, calming aroma. A perfect home fragrance for the evening to calm your senses and relax after a busy day. 


For a woody, soothing home fragrance you can try Palo Santo incense paired with our New Romantic Candle.  Palo Santo is a grounding, woodsy scent. A perfect pairing for our floral but spicy, soothing New Romantic scent. 


Or do you want something a bit more Festive for the holidays? Try our Peace Candle, a soothing scent of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg and tonka with fresh eucalyptus leaves or fresh pine tree. A perfect Festive pairing to create a warming and grounding feeling in your home during the festive period.