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My Calming Toolkit

Calming Toolkit

At Yougi we are all about helping you stress less by giving you time and space to tune in.

Emily, the Founder of Yougi here.  I wasn’t born calm. I’m naturally a bit of a worrier, candle burning at both ends kind of girl. It’s got me feeling very anxious and burn out a few times in my life. Even now I see it as something I have to manage daily and it seems I’m not alone.

One thing I know is if you are not a naturally calm person, then you have to try and learn to create calm. I see this as my ‘calm toolkit’. My general wellbeing - good sleep, enough energy, and my mood all contribute and that needs to be a priority at all times, but it’s nice to think I have some tools I can call upon when the stress levels rise to a not-okay level. So here’s my toolkit...

1. Get inflow by doing something you love. For me, this is doing something creative such as candle-making or soap-making.  Cooking, gardening, singing are some things that can also get you in flow; things that light you up and make you feel good. 

2. Fresh air and daylight - replenishes your cells with oxygen and release endorphins. The light increases the production of Vitamin D and Serotonin. 

3. Unplug - it’s not the device itself as much as that ‘always on’ feeling it creates. Turning everything off will give you more headspace to think, dream and relax. 

4. Breathe and scent.  If I feel my anxiety rising this is a lifesaver (you can do it anytime, anywhere), it lowers my blood pressure and brings me back into the moment. I carry some soothe essential oil  and massage in and cup my hands over my nose and mouth and breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11 seconds. The 5 essential oils working with the breath technique really help me create calm if I am feeling anxious whilst I am out.

5. Heights and  Melissa Dream- I really rate these supplements for helping with stress, sleep and mood. 

6. Baths - in 10 mins I can create a calm zone in my bathroom and I honestly emerge feeling like I’m calmer ad more relaxed. With  a good book, candle, and with my diffuser pumping out a Yougi essential oil blend for an intensely relaxing boost.

So that’s my kit. It’s kind of comforting knowing I have these tools, have a go at creating yours, and don’t forget to share your tips with us over on Instagram @yougibotanicals


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