Using Scent to Set Intentions


Using Scent to Set Intentions with Yougi Candles

According to neuroscientist Tara Swart, MD, our sense of smell is the most emotive—meaning it stirs up memories—because the olfactory nerve goes directly from the nose to the part of the brain that connects memory and emotion in the limbic system. “The limbic system is the intuitive, emotional system of the brain, so use your intuition to guide you to the candle that feels right for you today or depending on what you are doing regarding work, winding down or needing energy or to de-stress,” she explains. “The beauty of neuroplasticity is that we can create new aroma-mood combinations by anchoring a particular candle to a particular activity.” This is the idea behind our collections designed to provide emotional wellness through scent. 

Here is an Intention setting practice we love...

After lighting your candle, close your eyes and take a moment to be mindful of the scent. Place your hand over your heart, tune in, and notice your breath without trying to change it. Notice how it rises and falls with your chest. Notice the gentle thumping of your heart and other sensation in the body. Take a moment to set an intention, it could be taking a moment to be grateful, to be a little nicer to yourself, or letting go of a particular emotion.

Come back to this intention every time you smell the fragrance. You can do this mindful practice with any of our products from candles, diffusers to essential oil blends.