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9 key elements for a Healthy Mind

You probably already invest a lot of time and energy into your skincare, healthcare, and haircare; researching, perfecting your routine and finding out what works best for you. But, what about your mental health and brain care? Why we were prioritising what’s on our heads, over what’s in our heads? Mind-care covers all the actions and behaviours that contribute to a healthy brain. A healthy brain is a 360 thing, so mind care also covers diet, breath, mindfulness, rest, movement, compassion, learning, digital diet, and self-care.  Choosing to make is part of your daily routine protects your mental and physical health, now—and for your future.  Why Mind care matters Your brain impacts how you feel on a daily basis. It...

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Using Scent to Set Intentions

  According to neuroscientist Tara Swart, MD, our sense of smell is the most emotive—meaning it stirs up memories—because the olfactory nerve goes directly from the nose to the part of the brain that connects memory and emotion in the limbic system. “The limbic system is the intuitive, emotional system of the brain, so use your intuition to guide you to the candle that feels right for you today or depending on what you are doing regarding work, winding down or needing energy or to de-stress,” she explains. “The beauty of neuroplasticity is that we can create new aroma-mood combinations by anchoring a particular candle to a particular activity.” This is the idea behind our collections designed to provide emotional wellness...

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5 Tips for Finding Flow in Your Everyday Life

     Even if you don’t know it, you’ve probably experienced flow state. Maybe you were working. Maybe you were running. Maybe you were just doing the washing up! Either way, you’ve likely felt at least a few moments of being in true flow.   Flow state is more commonly referred to as “being in the zone”. It’s those beautiful moments when you get truly immersed and lost in an activity, to the point where it feels effortless and like you are 100% present in your task. It’s in these moments that we often are our most productive, or have our most brilliant ideas because we are completely and utterly focused.   Like we said, flow state can happen with...

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