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Things you Need to Know Before You Start a Candle Business

Things you need to know before you start a Candle Business

Starting a candle business can be quite the journey, and believe me, it's not as simple as it may seem at first glance. When I first embarked on the idea of making candles, I was quite naive. I thought it was just a matter of melting some wax, adding fragrance and a wick, and voilà, I'd have a candle. But boy, was I wrong! I ended up with a lot of not-so-great candles, to say the least.

As it turns out, candle making and starting a candle business involve way more than meets the eye. Different waxes, wicks, jars, and fragrances lead to an overwhelming number of variables. So today, I want to share my top 10 tips for starting a candle business – knowledge I've gained over the past two years.

  1. Testing, Testing, Testing. Always test your candles, especially if you plan to sell them. Not only do you want to provide a quality product, but you also don't want to risk any accidents. Testing is crucial for determining the right wick size, evaluating scent throw, and ensuring overall quality. In this article, I've covered common candle making questions that will help guide you.

  2. Don’t Settle Too Soon.  Be open to trying different waxes, formulas, and suppliers. Don't limit yourself to what you already know works. Experimenting with new materials can lead to significant improvements in your final product. Some waxes might have better scent throw or burn times, or they could be more eco-friendly. Embrace experimentation and see where it takes you.

  3. Accurate Costings are Vital Getting your costings right from the start is crucial for your business's success. Calculate the cost of raw materials, labor, and overhead expenses for each candle you produce. This information is essential for setting a selling price that allows you to make a profit. Accurate costings ensure that you're neither under-pricing your candles, leading to a loss, nor overpricing them, making them uncompetitive in the market.

  4. Shop Around for Suppliers Finding the best suppliers is essential for your candle-making business. Don't limit yourself to just candle supply websites. Think outside the box and explore alternative sources.

  5. Weigh Your Ingredients Accurately.  Consistency is key in candle making, and weighing your ingredients is crucial. Measuring by volume can be inconsistent due to varying densities of different ingredients. Invest in a digital scale and weigh your ingredients accurately to ensure a consistent end product.

  6. Outsource When Possible.  As a one-person candle-making business, your time is valuable. Consider outsourcing certain tasks, if you have the funds. Outsourcing can save you time and allow you to focus on essential aspects of your business, like marketing and customer service.

  7. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.  Comparing yourself to others in the industry can be disheartening. Remember that success is not a race, and everyone has their own journey. Focus on your progress and goals, and be confident in your ability to succeed.

  8. Embrace Research & Development.  Research and development are vital to staying creative and innovative in your designs, scents, and more. Be inspired by others, but add your unique touch and style to your candles. Stay ahead of the curve and bring exciting new products to the market.

  9. Choose the Right Sales Platforms . Don't spread yourself too thin by listing your products on every sales platform available. Focus on one or two platforms first and build a strong brand and customer base. Then, consider expanding to other platforms when you feel ready.

  10. Patience is Key.  Building a successful candle-making business takes time and dedication. Be patient and persistent, and don't be discouraged by setbacks. With hard work and determination, you'll achieve your goals.

Starting a candle business can be a fulfilling journey, but remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the process, stay focused, and be proud of your progress. And if you're new to candle making, I've got you covered with my beginner's guide to candle making – it breaks down all the basics, from waxes to temperatures. Happy candle making!

We also have our Start a Candle Making Business Course to guide you on your journey. 

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