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How to calm the nervous system

There are many factors of everyday life, work pressure, keeping up with family and friends, constantly being tethered to a screen that can cause us to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Often this leaves our nervous system feeling overworked and out of balance, resulting in burnout and fatigue.  A frayed and fatigued nervous system can be calmed and restored through practises of inner work and self care. Here is our guide to calming your nervous system, helping you reconnect to your mind and body. Meditation  Adopting a meditation practice in your everyday life can help lower stress, improve focus, and reconnect to you.  Start by trying to find 5 to 10 minutes each day to practise meditation. Take a seat, set...

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9 key elements for a Healthy Mind

You probably already invest a lot of time and energy into your skincare, healthcare, and haircare; researching, perfecting your routine and finding out what works best for you. But, what about your mental health and brain care? Why we were prioritising what’s on our heads, over what’s in our heads? Mind-care covers all the actions and behaviours that contribute to a healthy brain. A healthy brain is a 360 thing, so mind care also covers diet, breath, mindfulness, rest, movement, compassion, learning, digital diet, and self-care.  Choosing to make is part of your daily routine protects your mental and physical health, now—and for your future.  Why Mind care matters Your brain impacts how you feel on a daily basis. It...

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