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How to Make Soy Candles With Therapeutic Essential Oils

Our founder launched Yougi looking pretty similar to you at the moment: She was searching for a way to create candles that served her. Emily started Yougi from her kitchen, fuelled by the fact that she couldn’t find any fragrance products on the market that ticked all of her boxes. They were either filled with unnecessary chemicals and unnatural fragrance, weren’t high-quality enough or were hugely expensive! So she took matters into her own hands, crafting candles and other essential-oil based goodies that were great for the planet and great for the soul. The brilliant thing about making your own candles is the level of control that you have. It means that you can truly create something that serves you...

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Three Simple but Powerful Daily Rituals to Help with Mindset

  What comes to mind when you hear the word “ritual”? Full moons? Alters? Cloaked figures around open fires? For many of us, the term comes shrouded with associations of ancient practices involving sacrifices and a form of spirituality that just doesn’t resonate! However, this isn’t how rituals have to look. As far as we’re concerned, rituals in the modern world are simply routines with intentions behind them. They’re actions that you commit to doing regularly - or at regular intervals - because you know that they will have some kind of positive impact on your life. Productivity. Mental clarity. Relaxation. If you craft the perfect ritual, you can help yourself to achieve any of these states.  So, in our...

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